The Winter Wonderland Event will be held from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 6, at Roche-A-Cri State Park. Explore activities that are available in Adams County with Alice in Dairyland and the Friends of the Park.

Roche-A-Cri State Park will be open and free to the public to enjoy the activities of the day. You will be able to enjoy a version of outdoor bowling and learn about geocaching in the park. Snowmobiles will be on display and you can learn about the clubs and trails in Adams County. Guests will be able to explore antique sleds and the more comfortable modern sleds.

Another station will help guest learn about the rules of snowmobiling. There will be a station about trapping, while Darren Ladwig, Wildlife Biologist with the Wisconsin DNR will be present with information on, tracks and fur bearing animals.

You will be able to view mammal tracks and learn how to make casts of the tracks. If you are interested in providing an information booth at the event, please contact Tori Babcock at 608-572-1402, Becky Grabarski at the Adams-Friendship High School at 608-339-3921 ext. 1144 or emailing

In addition to the stations, Alice in Dairyland, Crystal Siemers-Peterman, will be meeting with guests before her presentation.

A portion of the day will be dedicated to a candle-lit walk to be held in the park at 3 p.m. and led by the 70th Alice in Dairyland, Crystal Siemers-Peterman. The Friends of the Park will be providing a bonfire for warming.

Guests will be able to enjoy hot chocolate, s’mores and other snacks.