Born works for the community

In this day when so many of our civic organizations are struggling to find new members, it is admirable that Mark Born is so committed to getting involved in his community.

He’s a regular at the Elk’s Hoop Shoot and has participated in the Elk’s Christmas baskets every year. As a board member of the Historical Society, he helps keep the museum open when the curator is unavailable, helps out with annual events, and gets his hands dirty with the heavy lifting when they have exhibits to move. He saw the Lake Improvement Association through a challenging time and still lends his help when called upon.

Mark is also one of the formative members of the Leadership Beaver Dam committee, a group that helps train new leaders in our community. He has organized two of the classes each group takes: those on local government and local history. He has even led the historical tour of Beaver Dam. I have had the pleasure of watching Mark in action as a fellow Historical Society board member as well as a Leadership Beaver Dam alum.

Why is this all relevant to Mark’s campaign for the 39th Assembly? Because it shows how committed Mark is to improving his community. Not only that, but it shows that Mark isn’t a bunch of talk; he really does the work.

This is why I am voting for Mark Born for State Assembly. I trust him to always do his best for the community he loves, just the way he has his entire adult life. I hope you will support him too, with your vote on Aug. 14.

Kristin Hanson Brown, Beaver Dam

Is Lechner really a Republican?

Don Lechner is running as a Republican in the 39th Assembly race, but is he really a Republican? He ran once before as an independent against our Republican candidate. In addition, he is not a member of the local Republican party. He seems like a Republican in name only and we definitely don’t need a candidate that is only a closet Republican and then only if it suits him in a current race.

When you cast your vote, make sure your vote goes to support a true conservative that has stood for our conservative ideals in the past and will not waiver in upholding these ideals in the future. There’s just too much at stake right now.

Steve Beyette, Beaver Dam

Born has widespread support

I don’t need to write a book to know why Mark Born is the candidate with whom most people in the 39th State Assembly District identify. He has the endorsement of Pro-Life Wisconsin, Wisconsin Right to Life, the NRA, Wisconsin Family Council, Wisconsin Hunters’ Rights Coalition and the Hartford Area Taxpayers Association. He has the endorsement of State Reps Joel Kleefisch and Andre Jacque. He has the endorsement of Patti Hilker, Dodge County Treasurer; Kurt Klomberg, Dodge County District Attorney; Todd Nehls, Dodge County Sheriff and Chris Planasch, Dodge County Register of Deeds. The list goes on to more than 40 of Dodge County’s locally elected officials as well as a multitude of regular voters like me.

Mark has worked tirelessly for over 20 years in support of conservative candidates, including serving as chairman of the Scott Walker campaign in Dodge County. This type of support and work ethic is all the convincing I need to stand behind my choice of Mark Born to represent the 39th State Assembly District.

Owen Breitkreutz Hustisford Township farmer

Born will keep state moving forward

I can’t wait to vote next Tuesday in the primary for my friend Mark Born.

Mark is a Republican candidate for the 39th Assembly seat. Mark Born is the genuine article: someone who says what he means and means what he says.

Mark was one of the first people I met when I moved to Beaver Dam. He reached out to me when I indicated an interest in local Republican politics.

Our friendship continues to this day, over 10 years later.

In addition, Mark was my alderperson for four years and he did a great job representing me and my family. Mark was never too busy to take a call from me, was always accessible and always puts our interests first. He worked hard to research the issues and took the time to explain where he stood on an issue and why. Mark worked on committees responsible for the budget and always focused on maintaining essential services while reining in spending and keeping costs under control. Mark was instrumental in putting Beaver Dam on the right track during his years on the council; maintaining a high quality of life, keeping taxes low and incentivizing businesses to grow in our community.

We’ve seen a lot of progress in Madison in the last year, but we need people like Mark to keep us moving forward. I’m voting for Mark Born for State Assembly and I ask you to join me.

Lisa Davidson Beaver Dam

Born has long history of hard work

In the 39th State Assembly District there are three candidates on the Republican ballot. Only one of them has spent his whole life fighting for conservative ideals, and that is Mark Born. Starting when he was 16 and working for Bob Goetsch’s campaign for this very seat, Mark has consistently supported conservative candidates for local, state and national office. He has been out in the district for over 20 years talking to voters and learning from them. He doesn’t just claim to be a Republican; he’s been doing the work to advance conservative causes, even serving as the Chairman of the Dodge County Republicans. You know what Mark stands for because he walks the walk. If you want an experienced leader who shares your values, vote Mark Born for Assembly on Aug. 14.

Dorothy Ebert, Beaver Dam

Born is a leader

I am writing in support of Mark Born for Assembly.

I work with Mark and I know that he has the experience necessary to be a great representative for this area. Mark is the best kind of leader – he listens and doesn’t think he is the only person with good ideas. He doesn’t ask anyone to do anything he isn’t willing to do himself.

As a supervisor, he is responsible for a platoon of 21 people and a population of around 500 inmates so I know he can handle anything Madison throws at him. After all, he’s talked down felons; negotiating with politicians can’t be any harder than that.

Others may talk about their executive experience and being the person who has to make the tough calls, but I think Mark’s got that covered too and sometimes his calls have real implications for the safety of others.

Over the years, I have also had the opportunity to get to know Mark’s interests outside of work and I know how committed he is to advancing conservative ideals. He’s worked on a Republican campaign in almost every election cycle since he was 16 and most recently was Scott Walker’s Dodge County chairman for the 2010 election.

Whether it’s at work or volunteering, Mark always walks the walk. He’s been doing it for 20 years and that means something to me. After all, actions speak louder than words. Please join me in voting for Mark Born for the 39th State Assembly seat.

Arthur A. Elsner

Beaver Dam

Born understands the job

On Tuesday, Aug. 14, I am voting for Mark Born Republican candidate for the 39th Assembly District. Mark, a lifelong resident of Beaver Dam, is in my opinion the best candidate to represent this district’s residents and voters in Madison. Mark is running as the Republican candidate in this primary election; however I would encourage all voters to cast their ballot for Mark in this election as his unique quality of leadership is what we need in this vital time to keep our state moving forward towards economic security and to assist in job creation.

I had the pleasure of working with Mark for four years on the city of Beaver Dam’s Common Council and I can state that Mark’s leadership as either a member or chair of the committees he served on was exemplary. Mark was always prepared to engage the issues as he did his homework and the research needed to understand the topic at hand and represent his Ward’s residents. Mark also brought a genuine fiscal conservative approach to the financial challenges that faced the city and worked hard to make the best choices to preserve critical services and lower the tax rate for our city residents.

Mark is now a father and husband and he knows that our state representative must make good decisions to provide opportunity for all of our residents including children, young adults, middle age adults and our seniors. He understands that job creation and job improvement stabilizes a community and also stabilizes a state such that it grows the tax base and provides the needed revenue to meet state obligations without having to raise taxes. Mark will focus on economic enhancement and job creation.

Mark realizes that many tough decisions were made to balance our State’s budget this past two years. While the choices were not easy they were needed to assure that Wisconsin does not face the fiscal calamity that some states are now facing in their budgets, continuation of services or in their retirement funds. Mark will not let us return to the failed policies of the past.

Mark also understands the strength of any representative is to listen to his constituents and get the best ideas from them to assist in developing new ideas to lead us forward. Mark has traveled extensively around the 39th Assembly District listening to you the citizens, business leaders, local governmental officials and our youth to hear what is important to you and what you believe needs to be done to continue to enhance this great State.

I am excited to support and vote for Mark Born for our Assembly representative in the 39th District on Tuesday, Aug. 14.

Jon Litscher, Beaver Dam

Born has history of working for area

I listened to the debate between the Republican candidates running for the 39th Assembly District seat and have done some research.

They say pretty much the same things: Fiscal restraint, deregulation, pro-life, etc., but only Mark Born has the actions to back up his words. Mark has been a fighter for Republican issues and for his community for many years. He has served the public by working for the sheriff’s department, volunteering for civic and community organizations and by serving as an elected official.

Mark comes from a family that believes in giving back and Mark has certainly lived that belief his whole life.

Mark is not a Johnny Come Lately who jumped onto the Republican bandwagon. He has been stumping for Republican candidates for over 20 years. He knows this district and the people who live here because he’s been out there talking to voters for two decade. He knows our concerns and beliefs and shares them.

Please stand with Mark the same way he’s been standing with us since he was 16. Cast your ballot for Mark Born on Aug. 14.

Muriel Harper, Beaver Dam

Heron and Lechner aren’t ready

After listening to the debate between the candidates for the 39th Assembly seat, I just have to wonder if Tracy Heron and Don Lechner really understand the job they are applying for. I mean, both of them proposed a balanced budget as a solution to improving Wisconsin’s business climate. Don’t they know that Wisconsin’s Constitution requires a balanced budget already? These two aren’t ready for prime time.

Donald Lackey, Beaver Dam