Though money is not the prime motivation for all employees, plenty seek great financial gain when choosing their careers. In a highly-competitive job market, finding one that pays the big bucks can seem difficult.

With this in mind, CareerTrends searched for the most common high-paying careers. Using the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Foreign Labor Certification Data Center, we found the six-figure jobs with the highest employment. Employment data from the BLS is from May 2014, while salary data from the FLCDC is from June 2015.

For this list, we focused on the experienced level salary of each career. The FLCDC uses four categorizations for experience level: entry level, qualified, experienced and fully competent. Experienced workers typically have multiple years of experience (three years or more) in their careers and require less on-the-job supervision than entry level or qualified workers. Fully competent workers have five or more years of experience and require little to no on-the-job supervision. We filtered for all jobs with an experienced salary of at least $100,000 and ranked them according to the total number of current employees.

Of the 25 most popular six-figure jobs, many are health-related careers. Surgeons have the highest experienced salary of any occupation on the list. Three medical careers — including pharmacists — are listed in the top 10. Though there are plenty of high-paying jobs in the medical field that don't require med school, reaching the six-figure salary mark is going to require extra schooling.

Notes on the data:

O*Net categorizes each individual occupation, though there are some specific jobs that fall under the same BLS category. Chief executives and chief sustainability officers, for example, are grouped together. For this list, we only chose one of the related occupations to be included.