Ingrid Kallick works diligently on a painting of the J.S. Rowell seeder for the History of Industry mural on the side of a building on West Maple Avenue on July 3. 

The Walldogs “Decorate the Dam” Mural Festival transformed downtown Beaver Dam June 28 through July 2. 

Nearly 170 artists from around the world came to participate, with the farthest traveling from New Zealand, Germany and England.

Many were hosted by local families. Food and a welcome bag were provided by local donors, and they in turn were supported the artists who visited Beaver Dam restaurants and taverns. Hundreds of visitors came from near and far to watch the works in progress.

 In the end, 15 murals were completed, valued at nearly $500,000. The event was the culmination of years of planning and fundraising and it was a measurable success. 

The murals reflect local history and institutions and are expected to be a draw for the community for years to come.

One of The Walldogs’ founders, Nancy Bennett, proclaimed that Beaver Dam was one of her group’s favorite destinations, and said that Beaver Dam would always hold a special place in their hearts.