The Baraboo boys swim team is on to state in eight events after a successful WIAA Division 2 sectional meet in Stoughton on Saturday.

The T-Birds finished fifth as a team with 232 points, while Monona Grove (413) took first, Madison Edgewood (273) finished second, McFarland (243) took third and Fort Atkinson (238) placed fourth.

“I’m really pleased with the way they swam today, and they were super excited about where they fell,” Baraboo head coach Heather Frank said. “The kids dropped time by a good amount, so that’s always good to see at the end of the year.”

Noah Larson will compete in four events at state, advancing in two relays and two individual events. The senior will get a chance to repeat in the 50-yard freestyle and the 100-yard freestyle after winning the sectional title in both events.

In the 50-yard freestyle, Larson took first in 21.34 seconds, setting a new pool record at Stoughton High School. He followed that up by winning the 100-yard freestyle in 47.65 seconds, finishing more than a second faster than second-place Jacob Lippiatt (48.90) of Monona Grove.

Larson won the state title in both events last season, touching the wall in 20.78 seconds in the 50-yard freestyle and 46.72 seconds in the 100-yard freestyle. He will enter state with the fastest qualifying time in the 50-yard freestyle and the second-fastest time in the 100-yard freestyle, trailing only Cedarburg’s Will Hobbs (46.86).

“I expect him to do what he always does,” Frank said of what she expects to see from Larson at state. “He just loves to race, that’s his passion. He gets in the pool, looks at his competition and he just goes for it.”

Larson combined with Josh Hackbarth, Paul Hainz and Rowan School to take second in the 200-yard freestyle relay (1:30.57). Hackbarth, Aidan Lohr, School and Larson advanced in the 400-yard freestyle relay, placing third in 3:23.14.

All three relays are on to state after the 200-yard medley relay team advanced with a time of 1:44.54, which was good for sixth place on Saturday.

“We knew that our 200 and our 400 free relays were going to be strong, and our medley relay has done phenomenal, they’ve come on really strong,” Frank said.

Frank hopes the relays can go even faster at Friday’s WIAA Division 2 State Championships.

“You’re kind of looking at if we can be right where we’re at and still make it, or do we need to take down a little bit of time so we still have a little bit left at state,” Frank said of how they planned to taper. “This year, we didn’t cut back quite as much, hoping that we would have a little bit more for state this year. ... And I think we’re right where we need to be. The proof will be next week when we’re looking at the results.”

Lohr will have a busy day in his first trip to state. The freshman advanced in two individual events, taking fourth in the 200-yard individual medley (2:01.98) and the 100-yard backstroke (55.14).

Hackbarth, a sophomore, will also compete as an individual after taking third in the 200-yard freestyle (1:51.24).

The WIAA Division 2 State Championships will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Friday at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Natatorium. Baraboo will get a chance to improve on last season’s state performance, when the T-Birds competed in six events and finished ninth in Division 2.

“Just keeping that speed, keeping that momentum,” Frank said. “There’s always kind of that ‘phew I made it’, but there’s still more work to do. ... So we’re just going to keep working on that speed, topping it off and hoping it comes together on Friday.”


Team scores: Monona Grove 393, Edgewood 273, McFarland 243, Fort Atkinson 238, Baraboo 232, DeForest 210, Milton 139, Stoughton 120, Platteville/Lancaster 102, Whitewater 68, Jefferson/Cambridge 62.

200 medley relay: 1, Monona Grove (Storms, McDade, Keith, Sackett), 1:37.54. 2, Edgewood, 1:40.38. 3, DeForest, 1:43.01. 4, McFarland, 1:43.22. 5, Fort Atkinson, 1:43.89. 6, Baraboo, 1:44.54. 200 individual medley: 1, TeDuits, E, 1:58.26. 2, Ramminger, D, 1:58.39. 3, Moen, E, 2:00.20. 4, Lohr, B, 2:01.98. 5, Slane, MF, 2:04.73. 6, Landolt, 2:08.96. 50 freestyle: 1, Larson, B, :21.34. 2, Doll, MG, :22.19. 3, Fochios, E, :22.26. 4, Sackett, MG, :22.28. 5, Lippiatt, MG, :22.45. 6, Keith, MG, :22.58. 100 butterfly: 1, Storms, MG, :51.14. 2, Keith, MG, :53.57. 3, Schimanski, MF, :53.65. 4, Gray, FA, :55.11. 5, Burgener, D, :55.41. 6, Iselin, PL, :56.52. 100 freestyle: 1, Larson, B, :47.65. 2, Lippiatt, MG, :48.90. 3, Doll, MG, :48.94. 4, Giallombardo, MG, :49.40. 5, Sackett, MG, :49.55. 6, Mansavage, FA, :50.36. 500 freestyle: 1, McDade, MG, 4:42.13. 2, Frucht, E, 4:55.00. 3, Burgener, D, 4:58.66. 4, Ramminger, D, 5:03.03. 5, Schaller, MF, 5:03.30. 6, Allen, MG, 5:03.56. 200 freestyle relay: 1, Monona Grove (Sackett, Lippiatt, Keith, Doll), 1:28.43. 2, Baraboo, 1:30.57. 3, Fort Atkinson, 1:30.98. 4, Edgewood, 1:31.82. 5, DeForest, 1:32.43. 6, Platteville/Lancaster, 1:36.59. 100 backstroke: 1, Storms, MG, :51.70. 2, Fochios, E, :52.73. 3, Schimanski, MF, :54.81. 4, Lohr, B, :55.14. 5, Strieter, FA, :56.18. 6, Iselin, PL, :57.62. 100 breaststroke: 1, Ramminger, D, 1:00.23. 2, TeDuits, E, 1:01.77. 3, Gray, FA, 1:02.14. 4, Moen, E, 1:03.02. 5, Bartuska, MF, 1:03.20. 6, Geissler, MG, 1:03.64. 400 freestyle relay: 1, Monona Grove (Doll, Lippiatt, Storms, McDade), 3:13.91. 2, Edgewood, 3:20.92. 3, Baraboo, 3:23.14. 4, Fort Atkinson, 3:25.82. 5, McFarland, 3:26.09. 6, Stoughton, 3:28.79.

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