MADISON — Wisconsin reported job gains in both a quarterly report and the latest monthly report on Thursday.

Neither, however, puts Gov. Scott Walker on pace to reach his campaign promise of 250,000 new jobs before the end of his term in office.

The state added 23,351 nonfarm jobs between March 2012 and March 2013.

That’s according to figures submitted by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development for the federal Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages.

Wisconsin also tacked on 2,000 jobs in July in an estimate for the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly Current Employment Survey.

Workforce Development secretary Reggie Newson lauded the continuing job gains as “great news for working families” in a news release, but it may not be such great news for Walker’s 250,000-jobs pledge.

Through the quarterly census figures of March, Wisconsin had added 71,405 jobs since Walker was inaugurated in January 2011.

That’s 29 percent of the way to the jobs promise with 56 percent of Walker’s four-year term completed.

To reach 250,000 jobs before January 2015, the state would have to add more than 8,500 jobs each month.

The figure of 2,000 jobs added in July comes from a survey of only a small percentage of Wisconsin employers.

The quarterly census, meanwhile, is what the Walker administration refers to as “actual jobs data,” and is from reports of about 95 percent of employers.

Editor, Baraboo News Republic, Reedsburg Times-Press and Sauk Prairie Eagle

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