Nick Carnahan

Nick Carnahan, a partner with Galbraith Carnahan Architects, presents a revised design for a building at White Mound Park on Wednesday. Reviewing it are Sauk County Parks Director Matt Stieve (left) and Highway and Parks Committee members Richard Flint and Henry Netzinger.

BEN BROMLEY/News Republic

Sauk County parks leaders are moving forward with a new design for an office building at White Mound Park, hoping it’ll bring bids that fit their budget.

On Wednesday, the County Board’s Highway and Parks Committee voted 5-0 to proceed with its architect’s scaled-back plan.

“This will be a lot more cost-effective and it still achieves the functional aspect that the Parks Department needs,” said Nick Carnahan, a partner with Galbraith Carnahan Architects.

The committee learned in July that bids to construct the building had come in at about $2 million, more than double the amount allocated to the project.

On Wednesday, Carnahan presented a design that consolidates the building’s plumbing, removes structurally insulated panels and generally condenses the facility. Its square footage shrinks from 4,500 square feet to 3,000.

“I think it makes more sense, for that site and for our budget,” said committee member Richard Flint of Reedsburg.

Until bids are received from building contractors, possibly early next year, it’ll be difficult to establish a cost estimate. Carnahan expressed optimism that bids will come in under the $875,000 budgeted for the facility.

“I think it’ll be much more affordable,” Parks Director Matt Stieve said.

Plans for the office building include community space, such as a kitchen, allowing it to be rented out for parties and other events. White Mound Park lies southwest of Baraboo.

In July, county officials opened bids from three contractors, which ranged from $1.9 million to $2.2 million. The parks committee rejected all bids and authorized an internal review to determine why they came in so much higher than expected.

Carnahan returned with a revised design that reduces the building’s size and complexity. “We pulled a lot of the previous building together,” he said.

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