A long-dormant West Baraboo storefront is blossoming once again.

Blooms Unfold opened on Black Friday at the corner of Linn and Willow streets, offering flowers, gifts and accessory rentals. Owner Cindy Weber has spent two years refurbishing the building on grounds that once housed Garden Relish.

The property was vacant when Weber bought it in 2015. She gutted and renovated the kitchen, tore out plaster, installed drywall and shelves and laid sod.

“We basically touched every room in the house,” she said.

The business occupies a former house and adjacent sheds. Weber saw the reclamation project as the next chapter in her life after raising four kids. She was intrigued by floral work and, with encouragement from family and friends Bruce Ley and Jennifer Fox, decided to open a shop.

“I went for it,” Weber said. “I tried to tell myself to be fearless in a new adventure.”

A long, exhaustive renovation — as well as the business’ highly visible location — piqued locals’ curiosity. Weber held a soft opening after Thanksgiving, and word got around quickly.

“I feel a lot of people in the community have waited a long time,” she said. “The response has been so encouraging. It’s beyond what I expected.”

“It’s been fun to see them put so much time and money and energy into it,” said Bobbie Boettcher, executive director of the Baraboo Area Chamber of Commerce. “It’s great to see something unique, another retail location in West Baraboo.”

Blooms Unfold is a full-service florist that offers deliveries. It specializes in weddings and other special events, renting vases and furniture. The building’s upstairs rooms have become an office and stockrooms, with the main level housing a workshop and retail store. The store features interior and exterior décor, jewelry, scarves and body products.

“I think we have a variety of nice options. We have more than one thing to offer,” Weber said. “We’ll evolve as we go.”

The business has five part-time employees who educate their boss on the finer points of floral work. “I have an incredible team here,” Weber said.

Weber didn’t have to lay sod or install a walk-in cooler or hand-stain wall boards. But she wanted her budding business to put down roots. “This has been a passion of mine for many, many years,” she said. “It’s a really happy place for me.”

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