The Baraboo School District will search for additional funding before deciding on a strategy for repairing the high school tennis courts.

The Baraboo School Board’s decision Monday to wait on choosing a plan was based on an MSA Professional Services evaluation of the current tennis court site. Two of the six tennis courts between Baraboo High School and Jack Young Middle School are in disrepair, and the remaining four are also deteriorating.

The evaluation was approved by the board in September. It provided cost estimates for three options the district could take to repair the courts or construct new ones.

The options included repairing the six existing courts in their current location, repairing and expanding the existing site to a total of eight courts, or sharing and expanding the courts at the University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County to eight courts. An expansion to eight courts would allow Baraboo to host Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association postseason events.

The board had previously raised concerns about repairing or constructing courts at their current location due to poor soil conditions. The board agreed to pay MSA $2,500 for the site analysis and cost estimates and set aside an additional $2,500 to evaluate soil conditions.

The MSA evaluation determined the soil under the current court site is “frost susceptible” and recommended drain tile be installed to prevent future frost heave should the board decide to construct or repair courts at that site.

“The cracks present on this surface are of a size that is beyond economical repair so total pavement replacement will be required,” the MSA report states.

The MSA evaluation estimated the cost of repairing the existing six courts to be $225,000. The option to expand the courts from six to eight would cost the district $375,000, and the final option to partner with and expand UW-Baraboo’s courts from four to eight courts is estimated to cost $393,000, according to the MSA report.

Board member Mike Kohlman said the district does not have sufficient funds to take action on a plan at this time.

“We’re not asking for action at this time because those are some pretty hefty price tags,” he said. “It’s going to take some time to figure out where that money would come from.”

Kohlman added that the board’s Buildings, Grounds and Transportation Committee agreed it would likely recommend one of the cheaper options to repair or expanding the courts at their current site. Board members agreed the committee’s next step should be to search for possible funding sources.

District Administrator Lori Muller said the board may pursue using Fund 80 dollars to finance the project, as the courts are used by the community. The state money can be used for a host of community-oriented activities.

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