While Badgers fans are still grumbling about the Gophers’ ridiculous No. 5 seed while Wisconsin is stuck with No. 8, I want to share something positive that came out of Minnesota on Sunday: the 2017 Minnesota State High School All-Hockey Hair Team.

For the past seven years, some guy in his basement has been making hilarious videos presenting the top 10 hairdos from Minnesota high school hockey players at the state tournament. At first these videos weren’t getting much attention, but a couple of years ago they’ve taken the internet by storm. Last year’s video, with the theme of “Land of 10,000 Locks” racked up more than two millions views on YouTube while 2015’s video has over 2.7 million.

This year’s video is no exception, as it has grabbed the attention of national news outlets such as Fox Sports, and is even featured on NHL.com. Even a couple of Minnesota Wild players make their appearance in the video giving a shout-out to the all-hockey hair team.

The theme this year is “Flowetry in Motion,” where the narrator poetically introduces this year’s top 10. St. Paul Cathedral’s Reagan Garden came in at the No. 1 spot, deservedly so. This guy is literally half Fabio, half lion. Pretty amazing.

These All-Hockey Hair Team videos have become so popular, that the guy who makes them now has multiple sponsors. One of the sponsors donates some of its revenue from the videos to the Hendrickson Foundation, which provides hockey gear to disabled players and military veterans which is pretty cool.

I hope someday a hair-enthusiast in Wisconsin will start creating all-hair videos for high school hockey teams in Wisconsin. I think local barber Jeff McNabb would be perfect for the job, as he’s both a hair and hockey connoisseur. Let’s see this happen Jeff.

I can’t exactly remember the flow situation on the Baraboo/Portage team, but if I were to pick a player with the best mane, it would go to Nick Macdonald.

Anyway, if you want to check out the videos, (you should probably watch all seven of them) just simply search Minnesota All-Hockey Hair Team on Google.

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