It’s taken nearly 20 years, but finally someone is getting fired for inappropriate sexual behavior. Unfortunately, it still isn’t Bill Clinton. It seems many others in power think they too are entitled to the Clinton hall pass. They’re learning they were wrong.

The Monica Lewinsky scandal was the most famous of Clinton’s exploitations and it nearly ruined him when he became only the second president impeached by the House of Representatives in American history. Clinton ultimately was acquitted by the Senate. For historical purposes, the other president was Andrew Johnson, who also was acquitted. Richard Nixon resigned before his inevitable impeachment.

Clinton’s impeachment wasn’t over Lewinsky, it was because of the cover-up of his affairs with her and Gennifer Flowers. Clinton lied under oath and was charged with perjury and obstruction of justice. In the months and years leading up to the impeachment hearings, the argument centered on the sexual behavior of the president.

Many sided with him by stating his extra-marital affairs were matters between him and his wife. In the case of Flowers, that was a fair assertion. In the matter of Lewinsky, he never would have survived today’s political environment.

Lewinsky was a 22-year-old intern on his staff. The president’s inappropriate sexual contact with a woman 27 years his junior was easy to scoff off for his supporters. After all, she was a consenting adult. She was a college-age student working in his office. If, at that same time the same accusation was landed against Charlie Rose, the CBS news anchor fired for inappropriate sexual conduct, Rose would have never become “Charlie Rose.”

Clinton had more than just affairs. It also became widely known that he allegedly raped Juanita Broaddrick. He also allegedly exposed himself to Paula Jones. Clinton’s accusers were called “tramps” and generally attacked by the Clinton protectors in the left.

Today, if a Republican is accused of similar actions, they are simply supposed to drop out of politics. Ask President Donald Trump and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. Lacking any credible evidence, the media, along with many others, have demanded they withdraw from their respective elections. Unfortunately, if these accusations are true, the timing is suspect and simply isn’t being accepted by the general public.

Consider the Trump and Moore accusations. Politically withdrawing from the race is “good for the party.” Both the parties actually benefit. The GOP saves face and the Democrats grab a seat. It’s difficult for the accusers to win a 20-year-old claim of impropriety when the allegations could have been made during the primary rather than the general election.

If the accusers against Trump and Moore are being truthful, then the media who failed to report their accusations until it was too late have done an injustice against the accusers and to the American voters who had the right to know before it was too late.

This brings us to today. The Clinton hall pass has led a lot of powerful men to think they, too, would be immune to the allegations of sexual misconduct. So brave in fact are these men, Democratic Rep. John Conyers secretly paid off a congressional staffer to hide his unwanted advances against her two years ago.

Democratic Sen. Al Franken, notoriously famous for railing against Moore and others, was found to have groped the breasts of radio host Leeann Tweeden. The photo speaks for itself but guess what, some in the media are now claiming the picture was “faked” even after Franken himself expressly apologized for the incident. He said he was “embarrassed.” And he should be.

It’s been long known by insiders that Clinton political contributor Harvey Weinstein was probably one of the worst offenders. This sexual deviant held his authority over hundreds of women as he used his power to make or break actresses in the cutthroat business that has become Hollywood. Only now has he been forced out of power to support the current political needs of the left, rather than attacking any real concerns for justice.

Making false accusations for political purposes is dangerously harmful to the rights of legitimate assault victims. Women who have been legitimately violated historically have had their lives further damaged. On the other hand, innocent men also are being falsely destroyed.

No woman should be allowed to destroy a man with false allegations but, at the same time, no man should be falsely exonerated when he acts inappropriately against his female counterparts. No one has earned the Clinton hall pass.

Tim McCumber believes a bankrupt nation feeds no one.