The Republicans in Madison are now trying to pay back the campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association by making unlicensed concealed carry legal.

Helping to elect Donald Trump was a mistake for the NRA. Without Obama and Clinton as threats, gun sales have taken a dive.

One of the devices regulated and taxed by the Federal Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Agency, is silencers. Currently, you need to register and pay for a $200 tax stamp when you buy a silencer.

The NRA's latest idea is to make suppressors (like gaming, that sounds better than gambling) available with no registration or tax. They say that firing an unsuppressed firearm can result in hearing damage. Of course, earmuffs or earplugs are readily available and they work fine.

On the other hand, when doing a drive-by shooting from a moving car, it may not be convenient to wear them. Your neighborhood gun shop already has firearms available with threaded barrels to install your suppressor. That's how confident the firearms manufacturers are that their NRA can influence enough lawmakers to fix it for them. Won't that be fun?

Art Naebig, La Valle