During the last several months we have seen police officers at their best, especially during the recent Hurricanes Harvey and Maria, wildfires in California and the Las Vegas mass shooting.

The most memorable picture in the press is of the Houston police department SWAT team police officer carrying a mother and her baby to safety during Hurricane Harvey and the story of a police veteran of the same department who was on desk duty because he had stage four cancer and he left his desk to help rescue people.

It is unfortunate that after all that an employee at the What-A-Burger in Denison, Texas refused to serve a police officer who was a customer. The person in question was later fired for her conduct. I will not even comment about NFL players taking knees during the National Anthem.

While it's correct to say law enforcement has its problems, what we saw in Houston brings new meaning to "To protect and to serve." I hope we can do better supporting our area police officers and first responders, especially local businesses. What happened in Denison needs to stop because it is an issue of public safety.

Kilton Holmes, Baraboo