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“Largely debunked?” Those were surely some hurricane-force winds blowing in from Trumpian sycophant Scott Frostman in the Jan. 25 Baraboo News Republic. He seems to be drooling all over himself about what a year we’ve had under the reign of his golden idol, Donald Trump. Yes, sir. Whadda year.

Sure. If you’re trading on Wall Street, your portfolio runneth over. A gun enthusiast? You’re having a bang-up year. A late-night comedian? You’re panning comedic gold. However, if you’re anything other than white, male, middle-aged and rich, your experience might be a tiny bit different.

I know he would like to make it all about right versus left. If it were just that, it would be easy. The right hasn’t had an original idea since Ayn Rand. It’s more than that. It’s bigger than jungle law. It’s about common decency, and common sense. It’s about standing up for the defenseless.

About doing right no matter whether you “win” or lose. That’s the America I knew once.

Most importantly, many asked how those common “downtrodden” people in Germany could permit such a monster as Adolf Hitler in his rise to power. Through the tirade of Frostman, I’d say you have your answer.

Dale Glaudell, Baraboo