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I would like to comment on the Baraboo News Republic article on Nov. 11 about the concerns raised by County Supervisor Andrea Lombard on the failure of the county to comply with its own ordinance on employee health insurance plans. In the ordinance, section 1353 I believe, it states the county will pay 88 percent of the lower accepted bid. This means the county employee would pay 12 percent of the monthly premium.

This is where the county staff, committee members and county board supervisors need to be accountable and answer to the taxpayer: Why did it not comply with this ordinance? We see for 2018 the employee’s premium is 12 percent and the county's share is 88 percent, however, the problem is in the previous year’s calculations. In those years the county paid more than its 88 percent and possibly over hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in taxpayer money, and the employees paid a lot less than the 12 percent.

An adjustment was made for 2018 showing the employees now paying a whopping 82 percent increase in a family co-pay premium. We need new leadership in the county; make a change next spring.

Tim Reppen, Baraboo