I want to thank my fellow supervisors for voting in accordance to Sauk County Board rules and Roberts’ Rules on Nov. 14 at the budget hearing, regardless of attempts and opinions to not follow these rules. It helped make the meeting productive and even pleasant. To end debate and amendments to enforce censorship is to ignore the positive steps some board members have successfully taken in this past term to work together.

Certain supervisors often express their dislike of “wasted time” in debate and discussion. To them I ask, why do you continue to be on the board? You simply hold up any progress and positivity and “waste” county residents’ time and money. Please do not run again.

I also want to let Baraboo District 14 residents know that I am not running for a second term. While I value this experience, I need now to take care of business — family, health and career. I intend to continue to be involved in county matters and, like they say, “I will return.”

Please consider taking this opportunity to run for the board. I will help in any way I can. Thank you for your support.

Rebecca Penberthy-Hovde, Baraboo