The Oct. 5 Baraboo News Republic news story “Investigated highway Czar paid $3,000” is very disturbing. The story makes it appear that a county contractor must pay a kickback as part of a county contract. Contractor Greg Jewell said it was “weird.” To me, it looks like a smelly bribe or pork-barrel kickback.

Of course, Board Chairman Marty Krueger, the county administrator, and Steve Muchow did not know who authorized the $3,000 “consulting services” for Muchow. The contract additions for “unexpected work” ran up to $37,862.

In Tuesday’s County board meeting, the board chairman touted the $2,000 pay for county supervisors is the best bargain Sauk County residents get. Did the highway committee supervisors do their “oversight?”

In the case of the few supervisors who look out for the taxpayers and don’t blindly follow the county chair, $2,000 for their work is a taxpayers’ bargain. They are well worth the money.

The Legislative and Executive Committee, led by the chairperson Krueger and vice-chair Joan Fordam, is incompetent.

With all the secret meetings, poor hiring and firing practices, and payoffs to ex-employees, to me, it seems the taxpayers of Sauk County are getting taken. We need new people in office.

Daniel Holzman, Baraboo