On the Sept. 12 Baraboo News Republic website, letter writer A.L. Garber dismisses Amtrak as obsolete; as tax revenues squandered. Garber blindly ignores Japan's and Europe's investments in modern rail systems that transport millions of people daily.

Amtrak's potential is always underfunded and overlooked while public money is spent elsewhere. One example is when Gov. Scott Walker killed a passenger train plant in Janesville. It not only cost jobs and taxes, it also helped sideline rail travel. Paradoxically, the all-freight rail carrier Wisconsin & Southern Railroad lost the money it invested in a feasibility study for the possibility of providing passenger rail service.

Garber mouths "sympathy emotionally" for the Amish, for fixed income seniors and the like. That's crocodile tears for anyone who doesn't fit Garber's government spending vision. We're meant to swallow a line that Garber's taxes are worthy but taxes paid by the poor train riders are wasteful.

So you say you can go from Seattle to Portage, view America's vistas, meet and dine with folks from Kennebunkport, Maine to San Diego, have plenty of room to move, without a baggage charge, all for under $200? Harrumph, there's something wrong there.

John Miller, Baraboo