Have you been to a gun show? It’s an eye opener.

Two year ago, when I lived in Middleton, I went to a gun show held at the Marriott in Middleton. I watched as people at the head of the line paused at a table before going in. Naively, I thought they were taking information from each person entering. No. “Seven dollars, please.”

I paid my $7 and entered. All kinds of people were there, most of them every day folks like me. One guy caught my eye. He was taller than most, dressed in camouflage. He had a large pack hanging on his back. On each arm he had several large guns, AR-somethings. I wanted in the worst way to ask him what he was going to do with all those guns. Something in his demeanor stopped me. Maybe it was the pride he exhibited as he strutted around showing off his newly acquired guns. He was the king of the show for sure.

I learned a lot that evening. Afterward, I did a little research and found that 40 percent of the guns on our streets come from no-questions-asked gun shows. I haven’t felt safe since.

Jan Bohn, Baraboo