As president of the Veterans Memorial Committee, I would like to extend a special invitation to everyone in the community to attend the Veterans Day program at the Baraboo Civic Center.

As everyone is aware, Veterans Day is a national holiday celebrated on Nov. 11. This year is an exception in Baraboo as we will be celebrating on Friday, Nov. 10. There are several reasons why it was changed this year. Our program includes a welcome by Bob Madland, the Baraboo High School band, St. Joseph’s children’s choir, a message from Rosie Cummings, special speaker Mayor Mike Palm and veterans messages from schoolchildren under the direction of Marlene Powell. We need to express our thanks to these community members taking part in this program and a special thank you to our veterans and our soldiers all over the world. Please give all of these people your support Nov. 10.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Jeff Janik for his support in coordinating the Veterans and Memorial Day programs these past years. Bill Crowley will be coordinating the new programs.

Jerry Cummings, Baraboo