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Dave Wester wrote that Trump “is a terrible person,” “shown little compassion for people,” “attacks the press” (Letters, Nov. 16). The real danger, however, is not Trump himself but “the people who support him.” Sixty-nine million people who voted for Trump, who Hillary called “deplorables,” are the real problem. Love you too, Dave.

You had to be on Hillary’s campaign, right Dave? How else could someone come up with all this hate except a political hack? I continue to pray for unity in America, no thanks to you.

Fake news is fact, Dave. Is it any wonder why Trump is constantly after the media?

The Russian investigation has been going on for one year without any evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. I tend to believe this a vast left-wing media driven conspiracy, or at the very least, a half vast conspiracy.

Trump’s positives: He reversed Obama’s unconstitutional immigration actions, he’s confronted “the short fat man” in North Korea, he just brought back billions of dollars in trade deals, two quarters of over 3 percent growth, got three UCLA players released from China, lowest unemployment in 17 years, stock market is at all-time high, a foreign policy of strength.

Fred Williams, Baraboo