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Baraboo’s proposed wheel tax is poorly designed, biased against motorcycles and motor scooters, and should be rejected.

Residents of the city of Baraboo can vote on a referendum April 3 to tax all vehicles registered in the city an extra $20 fee to pay for road repairs. Motor scooters and cycles would pay the same fee as heavy trucks and buses, which cause far more damage to Baraboo’s streets. Because of our climate, scooters and cycles operate only about six months of the year, and most people who own a cycle would already be paying the fee on another vehicle. Why should they pay the same fee as much heavier vehicles that operate year-round?

Families with more than one vehicle would be hit hardest. People who live in West Baraboo and surrounding settlements would not pay the fee. Do they use the streets any less?

Baraboo may well need more money to fix its streets, but it also needs to be fair. The wheel tax puts too much of the burden on two-wheeled, seasonal vehicles and families with more than one vehicle. Send the wheel tax back to the drawing board on April 3.

Dave Wester, Baraboo