MAYVILLE | All is not fair in love and football.

That’s what one Illinois man found out last night during the intense Packers/Bears game that led him to use an electronic stun gun on his wife.

John Grant, 42, of Tinley Park, made his initial appearance today on the charge of use of an electric weapon.

A 12:39 a.m. a Mayville Police officer responded to Dan’s King Pin, 31 N. Main St., to speak to a woman who reported that her husband had used a stun gun on her three times while at Sidelines Tap, 111 S. Main St.

The wife said that while the two were smoking cigarettes outside of Sidelines, Grant had used the stun gun twice on her butt and once on her thigh. She said that she has burn marks on her butt although she did not request emergency medical treatment.

After the game the two walked back to the semi-truck that they call home and Grant was angry. He threw his wife’s dog out of the truck and would not let the woman in. At that time she walked back to Dan’s King Pin to use a telephone.

Grant said that the two had made a bet on the game as she is a Packers fan and he’s a Bears fan. If the Packers lost, she would be shocked with the stun gun.

In reviewing the woman’s text messages about the bet and a cellphone video, the officer determined that she did make the bet with her husband and that she did consent to having a stun gun being used on her. She told the officers that she didn’t think her husband would actually use the weapon on her.

The woman filled out a no consent form prior to the officer speaking with Grant. The form was considered void after reviewing the texts and video. In searching Grant’s semi-truck, police found a black stun gun. He was then taken into custody.

If convicted, Grant faces up to $10,000 in fines and up to six years in prison. Stun guns are illegal in Wisconsin without a conceal and carry permit. The man did not have a conceal and carry permit in any state. A Horicon Police officer and Dodge County Sheriff’s deputy also responded to the incident.

  • Reporter/photographer for the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen.

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Apparently this guy needs to be criminally prosecuted to learn to meet minimal standards of human behavior - sadly.