Beaver Dam Elks Lodge 1540 continued its initiative of supporting education in Beaver Dam by presenting the seventh grade students in school with a free book about Wisconsin government.

The Elks have been presenting dictionaries to third grades in Beaver Dam since 2008.

Gina Staskal who is the secretary of the local Elks group and the business manager for Wisconsin Taxpayer’s Alliance came up with the idea of handing out copies of “The Framework of Your Wisconsin Government” to the students.

The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance created and published the book.

“The cornerstone of the Elks mission is education,” Staskal said.

Sandra Garbowicz, the director of teaching and learning for the Beaver Dam Unified School District was contacted by Staskal about donating the books. Garbowicz said the book fits in very well with the seventh grade curriculum of economics and government.

Staskal told the students that the text can be used to help them with understanding how government works in Wisconsin and how they can make a difference in their own worlds by knowing who is responsible for what services.

“Wisconsin’s State Capitol is a scaled down version of the U.S. Capitol,” Staskal said. “The same goes with Wisconsin government.”

She also pointed out that those who serve in government at the local level have an even more direct hand in providing services the students might like to learn more about.

“There are many layers of government, and we want you to have a voice,” Staskal said.

Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance Communications Director David Callender told the students they could get involved in government and making decisions that would help people and their community.

Reporter at The Daily Citizen