HORICON - The Horicon Public Library is for kids of all ages.

With Grandparents Day nearing on Sept. 9, Library Director Geri Feucht noted that the staff appreciates grandparents.


know that during the summer months and at other times during the year, grandparents bring their grandchildren to the library. Times have changed since those grandparents brought their sons and daughters to the library, and we would like to let them know what we have to offer," Feucht said.

"Thanks to a federal grant that many libraries in our system received last year, the library system has more books about grandparenting. While some are 'just' about grandparenting, others are about grandparents actually raising grandchildren, something that is happening more and more all the time. In any case, the role of grandparents has changed over the year, as have the roles of parents and of children," Feucht said. "We have printed a bibliography of books about grandparents for both children and adults, in both picture book and non-fiction."

That bibliography is located in the children's room on the parenting book case. "Staff will be glad to show the location to those who are unaware of where it is," Feucht said.

The library director also pointed out that many programs are offered for youth. Story hours for ages there to five are offered on most Tuesdays at 10 a.m. "We have also offered story hours at different times for toddlers and babies. If we learned that there is a lot of interest in storytimes for these age groups, we would consider offering them again." Feucht said. "We also have many great special children's programs throughout the year."

For adults, including grandparents, the library offers monthly book discussions and an adult summer reading program. Cabin Fever events are scheduled during January, February, March, and sometimes April. "Cabin Fever events are usually geared toward adults, but are often appropriate for families," Feucht said, citing programs on crafting, and gardening how-tos, nature and history lectures, book talks, a knitting retreat, and musical events. "With the summer break almost over, the knitting group from throughout the area will begin gathering at the library on Wednesday mornings. The firstĀ  will be held at 9:30 a.m. on Sept. 5," Feucht said.

"And we offer internet access."

"We are here to help with reading, listening and viewing needs, for recreation, education, and lifelong learning. Just ask our friendly staff members at the desk and we'll do the very best we can to find what you are looking for."

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