HORICON - The 24-hour over-nighter held at the Horicon Public Library, the fourth in five years, not only proved a fun event for the participating teens and chaperones but raised $341 to purchase a

Wii game for the library's teen room.

The Wii game was the unanimous choice of the participants.

Top money raiser was Katie Harvancik.

Added to that were the $50 donated by the local band Rosalin that, according to Youth Services Librarian Shannon Barniskis, "was really great and rocked the house!"

Only seven of the 14 boys and girls who turned out for the event made it through the entire 24-hour period from 6 p.m. Saturday to 6 p.m. Sunday. They included Felicia Bartoli, Aoife Barniskis, Esme Barniskis, Brittni Wolk, Stefan Laakso, Kristine Konrath and Cannon Wolk. Grand prize winners, drawn from the survivors, were Cannon and Brittni Wolk.

Two of the seven stayed awake all night, Felicia Bartoli and Esme Barniskis. Cannon Wolk, whose picture was taken as he leaned back dangerously in his chair when he fell asleep well after the sun came up, later informed Barniskis that he definitely did not take a cat nap.

"Later a couple of kids told me that they dreamed they were reading," Barniskis said.

Throughout the 24-hour period, the sleep-cheaters played many games during 10- to 15-minute breaks from reading. They included a marshmallow blow at about 2 a.m.— in which Cannon Wolk blew his marshmallow 159 inches — and the granny panties relay race.

"I really look forward to this event," Barniskis said, noting that the chaperones had a lot of fun and participated in some of the games. The chaperones who joined Barniskis this year included Lynn Laakso, Suzie Schumacher, Jen Schumacher, Cassie Preuss and Danelle Kegley.

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