MAYVILLE | In the flurry of city hall activity over the last two weeks, two papers landed on city clerk Deanna Boldrey’s desk that signify intent to circulate a recall petition.

One document was filed for Ward 2, held by Alderwoman Kathy Sertich, the other for Ward 6, held by Dave Pasbrig. Both common council members were named as participating in talks with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department in July in discussing replacing in-house law enforcement with county deputies.

The Dodge County Pionier filed a complaint last week alleging that Sertich, Pasbrig, Mayor Jerry Moede and city comptroller/treasurer Kathie Wild violated open meetings laws by talking with Dodge County Sheriff Patricia Ninmann and her counterparts.

This is the reason Mitchell McKinnon, a former alderman, filed the paperwork for Ward 2.

“That’s not legal,” he said.

McKinnon also took issue with the level of care that citizens would have if the city replaced the local police with deputies.

“The main reason is with public safety,” he said. “Our Mayville Police Department is incredible. I think the level of care would drop greatly.”

Sertich had no comment on the potential for a recall petition.

The city of Mayville is no stranger to recalls. In 2007, Tracy Heron won a recall election against incumbent Ron Sternat over a closed session meeting regarding the possible sale of the golf course, clubhouse, Firemen’s Field and the Park Pavilion.

Reporter/photographer for the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen.

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Another recall. There are just to many people out there that don't have enough to do. Recalls cost the taxpayers money. That is money most of them can't afford in today's economy. What is wrong with letting people do what you put them in office to do? If you're not satisfied then elect someone else the next election. Quit wasting taxpayer time and money.

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