COLUMBUS - Gov. Scott Walker will be coming to Columbus Saturday and e-mails from the Dodge County Democratic Party indicate there will be demonstrators at the event.

Party chair Peggy Slez said she is aware of the appearance, but is not organizing a demonstration. She said she did pass on word that demonstrations will take place to members of the Dodge County Democrats.

Columbia County Democrats chair Ray Frey said he was unaware of anything planned for Walker's visit to Columbus.

Amber Hahn of Poynette, chairman of the Republican Party of Columbia County, confirmed Wednesday that Walker will be speak Saturday at what is being billed as a Lincoln Day Dinner celebrating Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday. The event will be held starting at 5 p.m. at Kestrel Ridge Country Club.

The anniversary of Reagan's 100th birthday was on Feb. 6.

Hahn said she has received word of protesters planning to come, but said the facility's parking lot will be barricaded, with only those on the guest list being allowed to enter.

Columbus Police Chief Daniel Meister issued a press release in which he said his department has planned for Walker's visit and any potential issues that could come up.

"I would point to the fact that much of the protesting has been peaceful. I commend those involved for showing restraint and civility towards one another," Meister said. "I would ask that the same type of civil behavior be portrayed here in Columbus."

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BG 522
BG 522

Walker compares himself to Reagan? LMAO! If Reagan was in politics today, he'd be a moderate/center republican. Walker is sooo far right, that he even scares the tea-baggers!

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