HORICON - In a first time venture and with a little financial support from the community, the Christmas tree at the Horicon Public Library will feature a Senbazuru - 1,000 cranes created from origami


"Help us make a wish for peace and prosperity this holiday season," Shannon Barniskis, youth services librarian said. "We will sell origami paper for $1 per 2x2 inch or 6x6 inch sheet, and a crane-making workshop will be held at the library during the annual tree-decorating and craft program at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 10."

All of the proceeds from the sale of origami paper will go to support the DVD collection.

Barniskis said that Japanese legend says that anyone who folds 1,000 paper cranes is granted a wish.

"Everyone wins with this wish! The library will expand its most popular collection to better serve its patrons, the donor will learn the new skill of folding a paper crane and the holiday tree will look stunning.

"During these tough economic times, libraries are more important than ever to support education and entertainment in our community," Barniskis said. "A recent study by Northstar Economics reveals that for every $1 invested in libraries, $4.06 worth of economic benefit is returned to the community. And that doesn't include library services such as Wireless Internet access, online databases, or even magazines - all of which the Horicon Public Library is happy to offer to patrons."

Citing the present sag in the national economy, Barniskis said that most people can afford a $1 investment to the library.

"Maybe you are a lucky person who can afford to buy 10 sheets of origami paper - or even more. Come and support your library and our wish this holiday season that your family and our community be happy and healthy, peaceful and prosperous, and may you enjoy using your public library," Barniskis said.

In addition to the workshop on making origami paper cranes on Dec. 10, other crafts, for all members of the family, will be offered at this ninth annual holiday craft night.

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