MAYVILLE — At Monday night’s school board meeting, the district became one step closer to having all three schools along with the district office connected to fiber optic cables that make sharing information easier.

The school board approved a contract with Access Engineering out of Sobieski, located in Oconto County, for $47,391 which includes engineering, project management, permits, make ready fees and RFQs.

“The route we are looking at would bring us by the district office and we’ve been in contact with city hall to see if they would like to come into that fiber,” said Sue Wery, technology support for the district.

The cable, once installed, will be both above ground and under ground reaching from the high school to the middle school to the district office and to Parkview. The high school and middle school are already wired with a multimode cable. It will be upgraded to a single mode that will be able to handle 10 gigabits of data per second, same as the new cables going to the other location

“As far as the time frame to put it in, once we get our permits, it should go very fast,” said Bruce Rowell, president of Access Engineering.

If the city chooses to tie into the network it would cost $5,800 on the city’s end.

“If they come onto our fiber we’d be able to get all of our cameras, even without purchasing new cameras, and having that actually feed into the police department where they’ll be able to monitor our feeds,” Wery said.

Rowell also suggested the added benefit with an additional minimal cost of a couple hundred dollars; utilization of the cable channel. With the connection, the district has a potential to broadcast games, recitals or meetings.

Total cost of the project is estimated to be between $115,000 to $136,000 depending on construction costs as well as a number of grants Wery is looking at applying to for the project.

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