JUNEAU — Craig Piekarski, the former president of Beaver Dam High School’s Booster Club who stole money from cash boxes at concession stands, will serve three months in jail after being sentenced Friday on misdemeanor theft charges.

Piekarski was found guilty on Sept. 20. Dodge County Circuit Court Judge Joseph Sciascia imposed and stayed a nine-month jail sentence and placed Piekarski on two years of probation, and ordered he must pay restitution to both Beaver Dam High School and the booster club.

As conditions of probation, Piekarski must serve 90 days in jail and pay Beaver Dam High School Booster Club $940 in restitution and Beaver Dam High School $3,500 in restitution.

He must undergo any counseling as recommended by his agent. Sciascia also adjourned the sentencing for the second theft charge until Jan. 10 of next year to ensure the restitution is paid.

According to the criminal complaints, the resource officer for the high school met with Beaver Dam Unified School District officials about the theft of money from cash boxes during football games from Aug. 26 to Oct. 7, 2016.

The athletic secretary for the school district noticed the proceeds from football concession sales were down from previous years. After the district did a quick review of the finances, the district noticed an estimated deficit of more than $1,000.

Piekarski and a member of his family were in charge of the cash boxes. According to the criminal complaint, representatives from the high school met with Piekarski Nov. 16.

He appeared shocked about the missing money and said he’d help figure out why the money was missing.

On Nov. 22, Piekarski met with a staff member at the school again. He allegedly told them that a family member was responsible for the theft, but he would take the fall for the incident.

Piekarski and the family member were in charge of the booster club, which is separate from the football concession group at the school.

The group that runs the football concession stand, the “Football Backers,” raises money for the football program at the school. An audit was done and it was found there was a loss of $1,064 from the cash boxes, which were at times taken home by Piekarski.

The district did a complete audit that was finalized Dec. 16.

They also found that invoices for youth baseball and softball for $780 and $509 were marked paid, but the payment was never received.

It was suspected Piekarski was responsible for not paying the bills. A conservative estimate of the loss was $2,114.

The school district estimated the loss was $6,466, based on an audit.

According to the criminal complaint, Piekarski admitted responsibility for the missing money and said he had a problem with gambling and got too far behind so he couldn’t reimburse the money.

Reporter at The Daily Citizen