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Molldrem launches book

Author Mark J. Molldrem held an official book launch followed by a book signing at Beaver Dam Community Library last week. "Random Acts of Writing" was written to inspire readers to look at life in a deeper, positive perspective.

KELLY SIMON/Daily Citizen

“Random Acts of Writing” was officially launched at Beaver Dam Community Library last week by local author Mark J. Molldrem.

The book, published by Xlibris, was originally scheduled for release in November. Unfortunately, Molldrem told the audience, it was delayed because of emergency brain surgery that kept the Beaver Dam man in the hospital and in rehabilitation for a couple of months.

Now well on the mend, Molldrem sat down with a roomful of community members and gave a brief presentation on his book that he hopes will guide readers to think, feel and get deeper into their lives. The book reflects his thoughts about kindness to all, gratitude for life and the wonder of the world.

Molldrem shared his ideas with Daily Citizen readers for several years through his weekly column “In Season.” Many of those articles are used in the book.

“Random Acts of Writing” focuses on the seasons of life, the seasons of the year and the holiday seasons on the calendar. Forty-eight essays are nestled within the 12 months of the year to provide stimulating reading for reflection and action.

“You don’t have to hurry through this book,” Molldrem said. “In fact, you can take an entire year to read it, living with each essay one week at a time. You will grow little by little, but surely you will grow.”

He said the essays are held together through threads of wonder, love, gratitude, kindness, humor, patience and courage so that the reader can integrate them into their life — sentence by sentence, week by week, and month by month.

Molldrem described his book as positive and non-judgmental in a polarized, despairing world.

After answering questions from the library audience, Molldrem read from one of his favorite passages. He concluded the event by saying his purpose for writing is to inform, inspire and motivate the reader.

“I hope this book is the first of many,” he said.