Vossekuil sworn-in

Mayville City Clerk Sara Decker swears in Ryan Vossekuil as the Mayville Police Chief, Nov. 9 in the Mayville City Hall, 15 S. School St.

Mayville Police Chief Ryan Vossekuil has filed a notice of claim against the city of Mayville alleging that Mayor Rob Boelk defamed him.

According to the claim, which the Daily Citizen obtained through a records request, Vossekuil is seeking $50,000, a retraction by Boelk and attorney’s fees.

The Mayville Common Council is scheduled to meet in closed session Monday night to discuss a notice of claim.

According to the notice, on Sept. 25, “Robert Boelk said that Ryan Vossekuil was aware that a crime had been committed, failed to report the crime, and failed to take action.”

Boelk was referring to the charges that were filed against former Police Chief Chris MacNeill, who resigned March 31 and was eventually found guilty of misdemeanors for changing a criminal complaint. The notice says that Boelk alleged that Vossekuil knew MacNeill had altered a complaint months before a search warrant was issued in an investigation of MacNeill and failed to report it.

The comment was made during a period when the council was considering extending a contract to Vossekuil as police chief, a position he had filled on an interim basis since MacNeill’s resignation. Though the claim does not say specifically who the comments were made to, the council had a closed session meeting on Sept. 25 and the Public Safety Committee also met that night.

A notice of claim is not a lawsuit, but allows the party filing the claim to proceed with filing a lawsuit.

This is not the only legal entanglement involving the city of Mayville and Vossekuil. Former police Officer Mark Forster filed a notice of claim against the city Nov. 30 alleging that Vossekuil had violated a confidentiality agreement the city entered into after Forster’s employment was ended. That claim states the Vossekuil wrote a letter on Aug. 31, 2017, to the city clerk and Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt that spoke about “alleged misconduct” by Forster which Vossekuil had investigated.

Vossekuil had written the letter because he was concerned about a potential conflict of interest involving Mark Forster’s wife, Rachel Forster, who is a Common Council member and was involved while the city was negotiating a contract with Vossekuil. Forster’s initial claim sought a year’s worth of compensation and benefits totaling $65,000.