Without the Second Amendment, there’d be no America. Colonists fought a British King with weapons he didn’t want them to have. The constitution was designed to keep the citizens in power over a government who may abuse that power. Weapons were necessary in allowing them to rise up against a tyrannous government.

However, in 1776, the most well-trained soldier could fire one wildly inaccurate bullet every 30 seconds. Now, multiple rounds per second fired from one gun will likely reach their target. While Americans cannot rise up and challenge the United States military with hunting rifles, guns are increasingly being used by civilians against other civilians, and that is not exercising a protected right. Where is common sense?

The Wisconsin state assembly is seeking to repeal a concealed and carry law, which would allow 18 year olds to bring guns onto school property, into police stations and jails, and reduce related penalties. It even allows people to carry tasers and “shine” animals in wildlife refuges while carrying a weapon. The bill removes training and permit requirements for anyone who wants to carry a concealed weapon. This bill goes too far. Tell your Wisconsin representatives to protect our kids. Time is running out. Tell them now to vote "no" on Assembly-Bill 247.

Maily Kocinski, Beaver Dam