Regarding the article “Music draws noise complaints,” Beaver Dam Daily Citizen, Sept. 20: I read this article with interest since the issue of noise and its intrusion and lack of respect for others seems to be more and more prevalent these days.

I do not know the Hansens but find the remark that David Hansen has no interest in the business that his wife owns quizzical. How do you manage to be married and yet not be influenced by a business that affects the family dynamics?

I find it also interesting that the Daily Citizen without fail mentions in community events what bands will be playing at this bar while no other attraction at a for-profit business ever seems to appear. I know this seems to imply influence peddling and may that be what it is.

I have empathy for those who are exposed to the interruption of a peaceful summer weekend with the loud music from any establishment. Why not host it inside so those who want to enjoy it can without the intrusion into others' space who would prefer not to be exposed?

Suzie Cothran, Beaver Dam