The tangible effects of climate change are showing more and more in the weather extremes we are experiencing, and Houston is a stark reminder that things are only going to get worse as global temperatures increase.

Warmer air can hold more water, warmer oceans evaporate more water, and the warming Arctic is slowing the movement of weather patterns, so the storm stalled, dumping 52 inches of rain. Hurricane Irma could do the same to the East Ccoast.

Now, too much water is only one of the problems. Simultaneously there is severe flooding in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, as well as in Nigeria, with much greater losses of life than the United States Gulf area experienced.

While Houston floods, in the western U.S. wildfires are burning from California to Alaska, and inland to Montana. We can even see the smoke in our air here. And as temperatures increase, wildfires increase also.

How are we going to manage all this devastation, now and in the future? How bad does it have to get before we make plans and take action? Scientists say we only have three years left before there is no turning this climate thing around.

Archan Sramek, Beaver Dam