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On Dec. 12, the Daily Citizen ran a front-page article that talked about a number of teachers who are unhappy with their pay and also feel unappreciated. Pardon me, but I just don't get it.

I challenge anyone to name a profession that has a better benefit package with 16 weeks of vacation from day one. Incredible job security. Early retirement option. A lavish pension and fantastic health insurance. As far as pay? I requested and received a copy of every teaching position in the district. More than half of our teachers make more than $53,000 per year. Divide that by 180 days and divide that by eight hours and that comes to $36.80 per hour. There are 85 teachers making more than $60,000. That comes to $41.66 per hour. Unhappy with their pay?

I am not anti-teacher. I have relatives in the profession and more than a few good friends that are great teachers. I am anti-public union and anti-public pension, simply because the taxpayers are left with the bill.

Does Matt Ziebarth have any idea how his total package compares to most people in the private sector? When is this 7-year plus pity party going to end?

Richard Kinderman, Beaver Dam