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In response to the people supporting villages, markets and kayaking in Beaver Dam, I'd like to ask these same people how many times they run to Madison, Fond du Lac or Appleton to shop instead of buying local?

This city is not going to thrive and grow with coffee houses, knick-knack stores and kayaking. Improving the looks of the downtown will not put Beaver Dam "on the map" or make us the hub of Dodge County, much less the state of Wisconsin, and is certainly not going to keep graduates that are looking for good-paying jobs to stay in this city.

Remodeling the downtown theater is a good example. I've been to movies downtown that are being shown to a dozen people because most are going out of town to see the very same movie.

We as a city can't grow if all we can offer workers is minimum-wage jobs. If people can't earn a decent living, all the murals, art and kayaks in the world aren't going to make people stay here.

Dawn Hein, Beaver Dam