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The Beaver Dam council has paid for three studies on how to improve the downtown area. The results come down to delinquent landlords that don’t care about the building, just collecting rent.

Why does the mayor think the property owners in Beaver Dam need to fix this? When I need a new roof redone, siding replaced or landscaping, we need to pay this out of our pocket or take out a loan. Do I now get to send these bills to the city to pay since she generously wants to fix up this city with taxpayers' money?

Our city property taxes should not go up to pay for this project. If they need money, start up a GoFundMe page or go to a local lending institution. Please call your alderman by March 5 if you are against raising our taxes to fix up downtown properties because her people have been calling all the alderman. Don’t forget the meeting is on March 5 at City Hall to listen to this budget proposal.

Jack Yuds, Beaver Dam