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Whenever our children are involved in a mass shooting, it takes center stage. There are all sorts of solutions offered after all the facts are known. That is easy. How to prevent them is impossible. Reducing the number is the most we can hope for.

None of the proposed regulations that I have ever heard will end the tragic results of a disturbed person who is determined in carrying out a heinous act with a gun.

The fact that a gun looks scary, or is similar in construction to what the military uses does not make it more lethal.

Some people are content with talking about guns without any knowledge of what they are talking about. Once a person understands the use and capability of a gun, they fear them less. I invited a radio personality to examine some guns and become more knowledgeable about the subject, but have not been taken up on my offer. Knowledge is power.

On Feb. 3, Fox News reported that 40,000 people are killed in car crashes in the United States annually. It is just as tragic as being killed with a bullet. How many other preventable deaths occur during the same year?

Ronald Faust, Beaver Dam