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Year in school: Senior.

Sports/Activities: Volleyball, basketball, soccer and track and field.

Most memorable sports moment: Winning the regional final over Fall River.

Game-day superstition: Wearing my sister's National Guard headband, and listening to "Llama In My Living Room."

Favorite sport: Basketball.

Favorite sports team: Chicago Blackhawks.

Favorite athletes: My teammates.

Favorite movie: “The Greatest Showman.”

Favorite book: “The Longest Ride” by Nicholas Sparks.

Favorite food: Chicken Tacos.

Favorite restaurant: Five Guys.

Dream vacation: Hawaii with my family members.

Cats or dogs: Cats.

Your coach described you as being consistent and reliable, what does that mean to you? This means a lot to me because I don't always get the stats or recognition during the games, but I always make sure my teammates do. It has always been about the team, and not me, and I think that helps me stay consistent and reliable. I have a job out on the court, it's not always the most glamorous job, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

How much fun was season? It has been a blast. I'm truly blessed to have such amazing friends in my teammates, and such amazing leaders in my coaches. (I was) looking forward to how far we can go this season, but I'm so thankful for how far we (got). It's been an amazing ride.

Which team was the toughest to play this season? Random Lake, because we had to play them the night after we played Oakfield and we were very tired.

Who was the hardest to guard this season? My teammate, Claire Jansen.

If you had one day to spend $1 million, what would you buy? I would buy a nice, new car for my mom, my siblings, and myself, and then I would invest the rest of it for my college tuition.

What are three words that describe you? Determined, compassionate and perceptive.

If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be? Zac Efron.

Role models: My sister, Noelle, and my mom.

What songs do you listen to before a game? Any kind of dancing or pop music.

Pre-game meal: The team moms' meals or Jimmy John's.

Game-day routine: First, my teammates and I will hang out by doing homework together at school, or by relaxing at someone's house. Next, we eat a team meal together, and then go watch the JV girls play. After half time of the JV game, we go into the locker room and jam to music while getting ready. Before we leave the locker room we always have devotions and prayer, then it's game time. Devotions and prayer also always follow the conclusion of each game.

Mark McMullen is currently a sports reporter for the Daily Citizen. He can be reached by email at or by phone at 920-356-6754. Can also follow him on Twitter at @mmcmull2.