If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

It works. Just ask Kaylee Soto.

The sophomore on Beaver Dam’s prep girls swimming team said she’s been “trying and trying and trying and trying” to beat her personal record time in the 100-yard backstroke set last year at the Little Ten Conference meet, and she finally hit her mark Tuesday during the Golden Beavers’ 85-84 win over Lodi/Wisconsin Heights in a Badger North Conference dual meet held at the Dodge County YMCA.

Soto took second in that event in 1 minute, 11.49 seconds to set a new PR by less than a second, providing one of several highlights for the Golden Beavers on a night where they notched their third victory of the season after only winning once a year ago and not winning for a number of years prior to that.

“We definitely thought we could win this, and that’s awesome that we did,” said Soto, who added to her successful meet with a win in the 200 individual medley (2:38.40), a win as part of BD’s victorious 200 medley relay team (2:05.80) and a runner-up finish as part of the 400 freestyle relay (4:09.04).

Meanwhile, junior Alexis Bakke shaved 10 seconds off her PR in the 500 freestyle by finishing third in 6:34.66 — a time she said she hasn’t come close to hitting since she was a freshman.

She didn’t expect to sniff it Tuesday night, that’s for sure.

“We’ve been practicing really hard — I’m really sore — so it just came out of nowhere,” she said. “The hard work is finally paying off.”

It must be, because that’s not all — another highlight for the Golden Beavers was the night that Morgan McGauley had.

She, too, was on the winning 200 medley relay and the runner-up 400 free relay, but she also was the first BD girl to break a minute in the 100 free in a number of years, according to Golden Beavers head coach Jenna Wisdorf, while winning with a time of 59.66 seconds.

And to top it off, McGauley also won the 200 free (2:13.19).

Joining Soto and McGauley on the 200 medley relay team were Sydney Foote and Liz Grenon, who both also had individual victories as well — Foote in the 100 breaststroke (1:19.25) and Grenon in the 100 butterfly (1:08.83).

The PR times and first-place finishes and three wins as a team are all nice, Wisdorf said.

But that’s not what’s stood out most to her so far this season.

“Yes, that’s a great thing,” Wisdorf said of the successes. “In a nutshell, though, they’ve been working together — they’ve been acting like a team; they’ve been cheering each other on; they’ve been supporting each other.

“Their attitudes have been great.”


(Winners and Beaver Dam results only): 200-yard medley relay — 1, Beaver Dam (Kaylee Soto, Sydney Foote, Liz Grenon, Morgan McGauley), 2:05.80. 3, Beaver Dam (Camryn Gosdeck, Maddie Derrick, McKenna Schwartz, Jennifer Riley), 2:19.65. 200 freestyle — 1, Morgan McGauley, BD, 2:13.19. 3, Alexis Bakke, 2:27.50. 4, Alex Kraus, BD, 2:30.44. 200 individual medley — 1, Kaylee Soto, BD, 2:38.40. 4, Camryn Gosdeck, BD, 2:45.56. 5, Jennifer Riley, BD, 2:56.18. 50 freestyle — 1, Kara Loy, L/WH, :27.60. 2, Sydney Foote, BD, :27.72. 5, Alyssa Foote, BD, :30.23. 6, Molly Landdeck, BD, :31.06. 100 butterfly — 1, Liz Grenon, BD, 1:08.83. 5, McKenna Schwartz, BD, 1:16.33. 6, Alex Kraus, BD, 1:20.22. 100 freestyle — 1, Morgan McGauley, BD, :59.66. 4, Camryn Gosdeck, BD, 1:07.69. 5, Jennifer Riley, BD, 1:08.56. 500 freestyle — 1, Brooke Presney, L/WH, 6:06.86. 2, Maddie Derrick, BD, 6:34.46. 3, Alexis Bakke, BD, 6:34.66. 5, Liz Grenon, BD, 6:46.36. 200 freestyle relay — 1, Lodi, 1:52.17. 2. Beaver Dam (Alex Kraus, Alexis Bakke, Jennifer Riley, Camryn Gosdeck), 2:02.46. 3, Beaver Dam (Molly Landdeck, McKenna Schwartz, Sydney Asselin-Klein, Alyssa Foote), 2:08.68. 100 backstroke — 1, Riley Petrick, L/WH, 1:10.38. 2, Kaylee Soto, BD, 1:11.49. 4, Katherine Panzer, BD, 1:21.44. 6, Molly Landdeck, BD, 1:23.31. 100 breaststroke — 1, Sydney Foote, BD, 1:19.25. 4, Maddie Derrick, BD, 1:27.71. 400 freestyle relay — 1, Lodi, 4:04.42. 2, Beaver Dam (Liz Grenon, Kaylee Soto, Sydney Foote, Morgan McGauley), 4:09.04. 3, Beaver Dam (Alex Kraus, Alyssa Foote, Maddie Derrick, Alexis Bakke), 4:33.04.

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