The Wisconsin Association of School Boards awarded a first place honor to the Columbus-Journal Republican for an educational article entitled “School Merger Has Exciting Possibilities” which appeared in the local paper on Jan. 19, 1967. Lowell Larson is the publisher of the paper and the article was written by Editor Robert Stanley.


Bellack Clothing Company changed ownership on Jan. 4, 1978. The store was purchased by John Holtan of Stoughton. The store was previously owned by Sally and Jerry DeNure. The partnership has been in existence since 1974 when Jerry DeNure purchased his share of the business from John Feuling. Feuling and the DeNures owned the store since 1951.


The Columbus United Methodist Church will sponsor a series of Sunday morning classes on the topic of “People of Other Lands” with Alton and Bernetta Mather talking about their recent three-week visit to China. AFS exchange student Taina Virtanlemi will talk about her home country of Finland, and Aline Poser of Tahiti and Josie Poser of Truk will talk about their homelands.

Sales of new and existing homes in the Columbus area were strong in 1987. The past year was the third best for home sales in Wisconsin. Jennifer Starritt and Betty Long, local realtors, have reported strong sales, but down slightly from the peak year of 1986.


Before and after school child care has been provided for working families in the Columbus area since 1988 by the Columbus Clubhouse. The program has been housed at the Columbus Middle School but is not affiliated with the Columbus School system. Mary Baker, Director of the Columbus Clubhouse, has been working with the program since its inception. The program was founded by the Kiwanis Club and the United Methodist Women.

The Columbus City Council voted to establish a moratorium on issuing permits allowing the construction of telecommunications towers within the city limits.

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