Columbus Lion Bill Kirchberg picks up a box of donor eye tissue from Beaver Dam hospital.

Vision is something that most of us take for granted, but imagine for a moment that your vision was failing, you would want someone to do something.

The Columbus Lions Club has been participating in the “Cornea Express” for much of the club’s 31-year history. Two months out of the Year, October and May, Columbus Lions Club volunteers give the Gift of Sight by helping to transport donor eye tissue via the “Cornea Express” to The Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin.

If you haven’t heard about the “Cornea Express” it is a statewide relay of Lions Club members who transport donor eye tissue throughout the state of Wisconsin. The cost savings benefit that this unique process of transporting donor eye tissue provides a huge impact on the cost for the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin. How it works is when a donation occurs, local Lions Clubs are called upon to transport the corneal tissue to the Lion Eye Bank of Wisconsin via a relay system. Volunteers use their own vehicles to transport the donor tissue. The Columbus Lions have used the same routes transporting tissue from Beaver Dam to Fond du Lac or from either of those locations to the Eye Bank in Madison. Lions Linda Madsen and Bob Groh are the Columbus Lions eye coordinators. Many of the club’s members and their family and friends drop what they are doing to transport eye tissue when they receive a call from Madsen or Groh, to ensure that the donor eye tissue is delivered in a timely manner.

Lion Bill Kirchberg is one of the Lions who volunteers to transport donor tissue; this is important to him, as his wife was given the gift of restored sight after receiving a corneal transplant several years ago.

The Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin needs eye and corneal tissue from donors of most ages. The eye tissue is used for more than just restoring vision; it can also be used to further research for certain diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. The Lions Club has a focus of helping people prevent blindness and this is just one of the examples of what Lions do to serve their communities.

Go online to http://tinyurl.com/yb3uv8l7 to read donor stories and learn more about the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin.