FFA roster: The FFA roster had to be submitted by Dec. 1. Columbus FFA has registered 117 FFA members so far this school year. We are up 11 members from last year.

FFA meeting: The next FFA meeting will be held on Monday, Dec. 18 with a middle school meeting at 7 p.m. and the chapter meeting at 7:30 p.m.

Fruit sale: The Columbus FFA members really stepped up and had a great fruit sale. They raised over $6,000 more than last year. Minntex said our chapter was in the minority as most other chapters sales had decreased. Congratulations to the FFA members for their hard work. The fruit will be delivered the third week of December.

Gift wrapping NICC Foundation: Columbus FFA members will be helping wrap gifts on Dec. 14 after school. All FFA members are invited to attend, sign up in the Ag room at the high school or see Mrs. Crook.

Speaking contests: The FFA LDE contests will be arriving soon. It is time to think about what speaking contest area FFA members would like to participate in for this year. The district contest will be held in Rosendale at Laconia High School on Jan. 22. FFA members should sign up with Mrs. Crook.

SAE Monday: Every Monday the Ag Ed students enter their journal hours for their SAE projects into their online record book. This week they were to spend time looking into specific skills they will need for their career and how they can start to learn those skills now. Next week they are going to spend time finding classes they can take at the high school to lead them toward their future career.

Agricultural Food Science: The class participated in a number of labs this week learning about food preservation and preservatives. They learned about ethylene gas that makes fruit ripen. They tested several substances to prevent fruit from browning and discovered ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) was the best. Today they solved a murder mystery from the Civil War to learn what chemical reagents can help them determine different chemical substances. They discovered that the substance was corn starch and therefore no murder had been committed.

Ag Careers and Leadership: The students finished up their career portfolios this week. Each student made a Google Site to gather their portfolio items including a resume, cover letter and six artifacts. They shared their portfolio with the class. The next unit is the Global Agriculture Unit the students started by creating a menu of food items that related to their family heritage. They also checked their clothing tags to learn where their clothes are made around the world. The Global Ag Unit includes a group project completing a country profile about their agriculture industry. The students selected their countries this week and will begin their projects next week. Friday Etiquette was how to fold a napkin.

Food, Forests and Wildlife: The sixth grade students learned about Wisconsin Agricultural Statistics and commodities this week. They will create a Wisconsin Agriculture Product project next week. They also were introduced to the wildlife unit and learned about food chains and food webs. They enjoyed an activity creating their own food web with yarn. It helped them see how the sun is the main energy source and that the plants and animals are all interrelated.

Animals, Plants and Food Science: This week the students spent every day participating in a different food science lab. They made everything from canning pickles to making cheese. They learned about fermentation by making root beer and dehydration by drying apples and bananas. This is their favorite unit.