As has been the case for quite a few years running now, there was a strong crop of "normal" American IPAs this year. Central Waters updated its year-round IPA with Rift. Lakefront nailed the debut of its single-hop series with SHOP-Centennial, which won the inaugural Wisconsin IPA Festival this summer and is still drinking pretty darn nicely a couple of months after its bottle release. It sets a high bar for the SHOP series, which continues with the just-released Denali IPA and in 2018 with Amarillo, Mosaic (a blonde ale instead of an IPA), Azacca, Saaz (a pilsner) and Galaxy.

And maybe the best Wisconsin-made IPA of the year comes from … Denmark? Lazurite is made under contract at Wisconsin Brewing in Verona for WarPigs Brewing, a collaboration between Three Floyds (Indiana) and Mikkeller (Denmark).