Uber Joe

Uber Joe is an imperial stout made with coffee, cocoa and vanilla, made by 3 Sheeps Brewing of Sheboygan.

This was the year Sheboygan's 3 Sheeps Brewing grew up, trading its lighthearted sheep mascot for a more serious, art-meets-science brand with super-cool textured labels and sophisticated designs.

While it was mostly a matter of the branding catching up with the already good-to-great beer, 3 Sheeps this year also brought out some excellent new beers, including Nitra Joe, a nitrogenated stout that should be in any coffee fan's fridge; Fresh Coast, a juicy pale ale, and The Wolf, a big, complex barrel-aged stout that rivals any made in Wisconsin.

As part of the makeover, 3 Sheeps also brought some of its best beers out of bombers and into four-packs. That's where Uber Joe comes in. This imperial stout — made with coffee, cocoa and vanilla, and infused with oak — has been around since early 2016, but it will be overlooked in the bomber section or cellar no longer, as Uber Joe four-packs were part of the makeover this spring. And the beer lives up to every bit of roasty-chocolate-sweet promise you'd hope for.