Lemonweir Lutheran Church

1850 — Norwegians began to settle in the vicinity of the Lemonweir River in the present township of Lindina.

1854 — In May written request was made of Pioneer Pastor H. A. Preus that he come once or twice a year for services. On July 25, 1854, under the guidance of Pastor Preus the “The Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in Lemonweir” was organized. On his first visit he was carried across Brewer’s Creek as there was no bridge. Knud Ormson stayed the night on the opposite side to guard the horses and buggy. From Spring Prairie, Paster H. A. Preus served the congregation for 11 years.

1855 — June 12, the congregation decided to affiliate with the Norwegian Ev. Lutheran Synod in North America.

1861 — December 6, the congregatin was incorporated under the name of “The Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Congregatin near the Lemonweir River, Juneau County, Wisconsin.” First trustees were Anders Arneson Rossland, Torstein Thorbjornson and John Halvorson. The first church was built. Biographical sketch of A. Rossland

1864 — Laws and by-laws were adopted for the congregation. These remained in effect until 1876. August 30, Pastor St. S. Reque was called as pastor. Since the Lemonweir congregation was the largest group in the circuit it was decided that the pastor would live in this area, so they bought the parsonage farm from Mr. and Mrs. Benedict Trowbridge in 1864, for $750. This parsonage was used steadily by all of our ministers and their families until 1953. Biographical sketch.

1865 — Pastor Preus preached his farewell sermon to the congregation.

1865-71 — The years of ministry of Pastor Reque to the Lemonweir congregation.

1871 — Dec. 31, Pastor B. Hovde was installed. He served for three and on-half years. The same year the congregation divided into East and West Lemonweir churches.

1872 — Discussion was begun on building a new church.

1874 — The present Church building was constructed.