Pet lovers in Juneau County have a new place to go for all their pets’ needs.

Critters Pet Shop opened Oct. 21 at 211 Main St. in Necedah.

The building previously housed an antique store, but the owner retired.

“All of us like animals; I don’t know anybody that doesn’t,” said Critters owner Linda Weckesser. Linda operates the store with her husband Dean, and their four children. “We have our two sons, and two daughters, and my son’s girlfriend, so it’s all kind of family run,” Weckesser said.

Dean works in construction but plans to put more hours in at the store.

Small rodents have proven especially popular. “Our first and second day, we ran out of the hamsters, gerbils, (and) chinchillas,” Weckesser said.

Critters Pet Shop offers products that can be hard to find elsewhere in the area. Weckesser estimates it’s the only pet store “within 30 or 40 miles.”

Weckesser said the store will offer products for fishing, such as minnows, in the near future.

Critters sells fish, small reptiles, birds, and rodents. While it sells products for cats and dogs, the Weckessers “prefer someone go to a shelter” if they are looking for a cat or dog for their home, Linda said.

The store currently has two Russian tortoises that Dean called “long-living creatures.” Dean estimated they could live 50-80 years. “(They’re) easy to take care of too, just vegetables and water,” Dean Weckesser said. “They’ll get bigger. Once they do, I’d like to have one walk around the store,” Linda Weckesser said with a chuckle.

Critters also has bearded dragon lizards available. “They got personality,” Dean said. “They like watching you as much as you like watching them.”

The shop even offers chicken feed. “We’ve probably went through a whole pallet already,” Linda said.

With dozens of other animals and products in its selection, Critters has a wide variety to offer customers.

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