The New Lisbon common council reviews materials before hearing public comments on Nov. 20.


Allen Road in New Lisbon is unlikely to see a stop sign posted in the near future.

Rick Orlowski appeared before the council about a requested stop sign on the corner of on Allen Road. A yield sign had recently been placed there, but Orlowski said it was insufficient.

“That yield sign was nothing more than a slap,”Orlowski said. “What I’m looking for tonight is a motion, a second, and a vote. And it should be the same as what took place over there (on Monroe).”

New Lisbon Mayor Lloyd Chase informed Orlowski that because it was not on the agenda, there could be no action taken at the meeting. “If it’s not on the agenda we don’t act on it.”

Chase was unconvinced of the comparison of the two streets. “We have spent a lot of time considering this” Chase said. “There are a lot of differences between Allen Road and Monroe Street.”

Orlowski left immediately after the mayor’s comments.

Weed removal charge contested

Larry and Lucinda Erbs also appeared before the council to contest a charge made after New Lisbon had weeds eliminated from their Allen Road property. Neighbors had complained about the Erbs’ yard and he had received letters from the city informing him of the situation before the weeds were removed.

“In August they sent me a bill of $984,” Erbs said.

Erbs said he had not been given enough time to execute his right to an appeal before the city took action. “You have to give me that chance before you went and did it,” Erbs said.

Mayor Chase recommended revoking the $984 charge. “He was denied his rights on that ordinance this time around... I would suggest that you negate the bill,” Chase said.

Operator licenses approved

The common council approved operator licenses for Shonda Campbell, Tristin Anderson, Tonya Schroeder, and Emily Seely of New Lisbon Travel Stop; and Mykayla Niemczyk of Kwik Trip. “From what I saw, they all passed inspection by the police chief,” Chase said.

New appointment

The common council appointed Sherrill Murphy to a position that was vacated by Betsy Dysinger, who is spending the winter in Florida. Originally, Chase had planned to fill the position with Jeff Keating. But after attending a few meetings, Keating decided he did not want to join.

Budget adjustments

The common council made adjustments to the 2018 budget. The changes were a reduction in funding for the police budget $2,876, an increase to the library for $1,650, an increase to the cemetery of $2,500, an increase to the airport of $1,500, and reduce the street outlay by $11,000. The adjusted 2018 budget was unanimously passed.

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